Free sessions

3 & 4 Year early years entitlement

All children are entitled to a free early years place at the start of the school term following their 3rd Birthday. A child may access the early years entitlement (EYE) until the end of the school term in which they celebrate their 5th birthday.

A child born on or between

Will become eligible for a free place from;

1st April to 31st August

1st September to 31st December 

1st January to 31st March 

September following their 3rd birthday (start of Autumn term) 

January following their 3rd Birthday (Start of Spring school term)

 April following their 3rd Birthday (start of Summer school term)

Funded hours are offered as 3hrs per day over 5 days a week (which is equivalent to 5 free session) A stretched offer can be discussed with the manager. We pride ourselves on flexibility to suit your lifestyle. You can choose to access your free hours between no more than 2 early years providers on the local authority directory. You need to agree attendance patterns with both providers and sign a declaration form to state where the hours are taken. Little Lambs will only charge you for sessions/ Hours taken ADDITIONAL to the 15 hrs free entitlement taken For more information on the Early Years you can find it on /html>


I Understand that the free entitlement can only be taken between 8.45am and 4.00pm, within the set hours as decreed by the chosen provision and any hours taken over and above must be agreed and paid for to Little Lambs 

I understand that my child can attend more hours than the allocated free hours per week for an additional cost I understand that signing this part I am responsible for ensuring my child uses the number of hours indicated on a termly basis and if my child does not attend on a regular basis then the hours may be withdrawn.

I understand the hours cannot be changed unless discussed with the manager 

I will notify Little Lambs of my childs absence and reason 

I will declare to Little Lambs the number of hours I wish to take at the setting and of any other hours taken at a setting they may attend ensuring the child does not claim more than the entitled hours.

I understand that knowingly providing false information to secure payment of money not lawfully due is a criminal offence and will be reffered to the relevant authorities 

I understand that personal information on my child will be held by Lincolnshire County Council for the purposes of administration in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998