Day to Day



Lunch Times

Lunch Time brings more development than you think! Children are encouraged with healthy routines, washing their hands and find their lunch. Lunch time brings communication skills too talking about likes and dislikes. Parents are asked to bring in a lunch for their child in a named lunch box. Cold packs are required as our fridge is too small to accommodate them all. Positive behaviour is modelled by staff members who also sit and eat their lunch. Please try and limit the amount of “treats” in your child's lunch box. There is a charge of £2.50 for the hour. Please speak a member of staff if you would like to book your child in for lunch.

Collecting your child

At the end of the session please come into Little Lambs remembering to close the gate Securely. Don't forget to collect up their belongings and sign them out! All of their completed work and pieces of art are put on the table as well as information for parents, newsletters, etc. Check the notice board as well for things of note and the inevitable last minute announcements! Permission and password need to be given by the parent/carer known to Pre-School staff for another person to collect their child. We have written permission on enrollment and require verbal information when an unknown person will be collecting your child.